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How Do You Choose the Right Color of Lace Shapewear for Your Skin Tone?

by - Juni 27, 2024

Lacy shapewear is very flattering. It’s a delicate piece that looks quite special whether you wear it under your outfits or use it as your outerwear. But did you know, the color of your slimming bodysuit can make a big difference in making you look flawless. So, when you pick your favorite lace bodysuits from Feelingirl, you should choose the colors that suit you best.

Here are some tips that will help you pick shapewear that suits your skin tone and looks pretty on you. 

1. What’s your Undertone?

Do you know your undertone? It’s the color or hue under your skin that could be cool, warm, or just neutral. So, your lacy bodysuits should suit your undertone. In this way, it will blend really well with your skin, making your shapewear appear seamless and discreet. This will make you look flawless. 

2. Blend with your Skin 

After considering your undertone, consider the color of your skin that is clearly prominent. Match your shapewear with this color so that you look more natural. The overall look of your lace shapewear will be really smooth and perfect. It will be well-blended with your skin, keeping your shaping garments hidden underneath your clothes. 

3. What Occasion is it?

Usually, it is recommended that you go for colors that match your skin so that your lovely v neck thong bodysuit is discreet. But, you don’t always have to pick the nude shades because Feelingirl has a lot more to offer for different occasions. There are elegant and classic shades along with darker and bolder hues. 

4. Maintain Opacity 

Lace shaping bodysuits are sheer and your skin shows through them. But, if you don’t like your bodysuits to be completely transparent, you can pick a shade that maintains opacity. It all depends on what makes you feel more comfortable – showing more skin or keeping your garments opaque!

5. Go for your Personal Preference

You know best what shapewear colors suit you best. Give priority to your preference when selecting your shapewear pieces. Some people like to keep their undergarments totally discreet. So, skin colored pieces are the best option for them. But, if you want to flaunt your pretty and elegant lace shapewear, you can confidently go for darker and bolder tones according to your preference. 

6. Complement your Wardrobe

Your lace shaewear should also match the colors of your outfits. Particularly, if you don’t want your feelingirl shapewear to show through your clothes, it should match your outerwear. For instance, white under white, blacks and blacks, and so on. It’s a simple rule that will give you an elegant look. 

There are many things that will help you get the right shade for your lacy body shapers. If you want your garments to suit your skin tone, select colors that suit you and also match with your outfits. But, don’t forget to think about your own likes and dislikes also. You know best what colors makes you look and feel good! 

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